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's voted on sunday to elect a successor to the president who served the term -- or maximum two terms. exit pollsly a local tv network showed him ahead by nearly 67% of the vote. he thanked supporters on monday, even though the election committee had yet to announce the final results. he's close to the prime minister, a billionaire who has been working to mend ties with russia. public outcry has been increasing against the anti-russia and pro western policies, saying it led to a brief war in 2008 and a fierce rivalry with russia. observers say he will likely have much less power than his predecessor as constitutional changes will shift some authority from the president to the prime minister. they say the public expects his victory to end georgia's policies against russia. >>> a panel of lawyers says japan's mizuho bank didn't realize the importance of cutting its ties with criminal organizations. external lawyers have announced the results of their investigation into mizuho's lending scandal. bank officials have failed to cancel loans to gangsters for more than two years, even after they di
-term elections killing off hopes of a third term. [gunfire] emergency talks with the u.n. after renewed fighting between government forces and m 23 rebels in the eastern democratic part of congo. they pray for a return home 65 years after being forced out. ♪ the u.n. arab league arrived for talks with the syrian government planned in geneva next month and he has been touring the region in the past week talking to all sides involved in the conflict and been to countries that support it like turkey and kanta and talks with groups against fighting with the government and met iran's new president who is a supporter in the region telling him the country's presence is vital for the geneva talks to succeed. and let's bring bill joining us live from beirut and i understand he drove from beirut to damascus and he is there, what is he going to do? >> well, he is due to meet with the syrian president bashir assad and foreign minister and this will be a very difficult mission, as difficult as it was in the past simply because the positions on either side have not changed much. the opposition still says it
when it comes to election day. > reporter: when it comes to political star power, it doesn't get much bigger than former president bill clinton. >> he's so good on the stump i don't think he needs me anymore. >> reporter: terry mcauliffe stood side by side with clinton. >> ken cuccinelli says this election is showing that conservatism isn't dead. well, i say this election is about creating jobs. >> he is a very, very good man, and he will be a wildly popular governor. >> reporter: clinton was selling the crowd on why mcauliffe should be virginia's next governor. the two are old friends so the endorsement is not a surprise but an important one to supporters here. >> i think he's going to play a very vital role in terry's election. >> reporter: while clinton made it clear he feels mcauliffe has the qualifications to be a great governor, he told the crowd getting to the governor's mansion means getting out the vote. >> those who love virginia and want it to come together and move forward has got to care as much about this election as you did the election in 2012. that is what is at issue
national elections. if you look back at 2012 and that moment in the campaign when the vice president at his debate , it was a key moment, and job i delivered to the ticket. -- joe biden deliver to the ticket. the president knew he would. that is why he asked them to be his running mate and why remember any doubt among anybody here that he would be the running mate in 2012. enjoyedthe president quality time with ill clinton -- with bill clinton? >> he does. >> the president made a comment -- >> i have not read the book. two, i am sure it is filled with a lot of great color and detail allt a campaign that like national campaigns is filled with ups and downs and turns and twists. i am sure it will be a great read. what i can tell you is the president is enormously grateful for the advice and assistance that he received from president clinton during the campaign and the council he has received throughout his presidency from one of his only living predecessors. that relationship has only strengthened ever since the president, then senator, ran for the nomination against president clinton's wife.
in this country. [applause] it is time for reform. elections are coming and we are watching you. [applause] you, from edward snowden. a jesselyn radack reading message from nsa whistleblower edward snowden at saturday's stop watching us rally in washington, d.c. thomas drake also spoke. she was charged with espionage after he was suspected of revealing information about the agency's warrantless wiretapping program. evidence revealed by edward snowden, we now know in great detail, the nsa does not have an honorable track record of telling the truth. while keeping track of us with our -- with out our consent. >> unacceptable! >> i agree. we only know of the wrongdoings and violations due to the disclosures of whistleblowers. these public eyes and ears, exposing abuse of government power in the public interest. but without adequate protections, they're more likely to turn a blind eye to the privacy risk of innocence. it renders creativity new come in gender sphere and erodes our freedom served up by the potent [indiscernible] security wallf for sticking our liberties is a price we must pay to make
. did the white house okay the surveillance of our allies? all that and our election preview from new jersey to virginia to colorado. a look at what's on the ballot this tuesday. >>> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of health so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better, i apologize. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report." an apology from health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius who acknowledged the rollout of the affordable care act was, in fact, a debacle. despite the website woes and growing outrage over millions of dropped policies, president obama says it's full steam ahead. >> yes, this is hard. because the health care system's a big system. and it's complicated. and if it was hard doing it just in one state, it's harder to do it in all 50 states. we are just going to keep working at it. we're going to grind it up. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" assistant editorial panel editor james freeman. editorial board member joe raggio and economics writer joe moore. what have we learned from
live and learn. so do you think as we stand right now with the fact that the president was re-elected on obama care and it passed both houses and also vetted through the supreme court, do you believe that all americans deserve access to affordable health care? >> absolutely every american should have access to affordable health care. every american should be able to provide that for their families. but you know when we're comparing medicare part d to this massive takeover of government health care, i'm sorry, it just doesn't work. medicare part d is just one tiny part of medicare. now, they're calling out bill clinton. when they call out bill clinton, you know there's a problem. so you see how they're trying to do damage control. and i understand that. if i were president obama and i was faced with this huge failure, i would be doing the same thing. >> real quickly, this understand i understand the north carolina chapter of the naacp is going to be holding a rally because of the new voter i.d. laws in your state. we saw last week that a north carolina republican official was fired aft
year election, you say? that to bill clinton in virginia. like only he can. it to shaq who is in the airwaves. in new jersey for chris christie. it to ted cruz touring iowa like hoe has nothing to lose. things are getting tense between the u.s. and key european allies over reports that the nsa has been listening to calls and reading e-mail for years. white house said president obama didn't know about it. the deep dive into the relationship between two men known by three letters. w and the vp. the tension that ended their term together gotten better or worse in the last five years? good morning from washington. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. get to my first reads of the morning. with eight days before election day, democrats in virginia are setting sights on their first sweep of statewide offices since 1989 as new jersey governor chris christie goes for a transformational blowout, pulling out all the stops to break maybe even 60%. unheard of for a republican in that state. a string of polls show that terry mcauliffe is several points ahead of his republican riv
of the primary candidate if he decides to run for president versus a general election candidate where we've seen time and time again, the most conservative might be able to win the primary. but when it comes to a national election, that can come up losers. >> the republican party has to decide whether they want someone that pleases the base or who can k win. >> back to shaq, we know it's not christie sees this as a big move as well. >> he's famous and represents a demographic so he sort of signals to voters, this is a different kind of republican. >> it's a great pleasure having you on. still ahead, from the governor's race in new jersey to another big one in virginia where bill clinton is now on the campaign trail. >> this whole election is about which virginia shows up. >> the former president stumping for his long-time friend terry mccalliffe, the two hats on display in virginia. as we discuss, in new jersey. and chris brown in court today. he's now charged with felony assault for allegedly breaking a man's nose outside of a washington, d.c. hotel. could this be a violation of his probation
that followed the election in the ivory coast in 2010. and going to syria and they went to damascus and he is struggling to bring all sides in the conflict for a proposed peace talks in geneva. so far he failed to convince several opposition fighting the regime to come to the negotiating table. we have the first official progress report on the destruction of syria's chemical weapons and the prohibition of chemical weapons says that it is on track to complete the destruction of syria's chemical weapons capability by november first and the possible exception of two sites and extending constructive corporation and submitted information on 23 sites, and weapons inspectors have nothing yet done anything because of security concerns. afghan president karzai and pakistan prime minister will meet in london later and hope to lead to peace talks and jennifer glass has more from kobbel. >> reporter: they are suspicious of pakistan and say they are neighbors playing a dangerous game interfering to keep afghanistan unstable and still supporting the taliban and watch the president visit pakistan 20 tim
's help to fight armed groups and keep the taliban for disrupting next year's presidential election. karzai cannot run in the elections and through the 12 years in power there is no peace in afghanistan without pakistan but unclear if he can persuade pakistan to deliver the peace. >> reporter: and he is a former afghan mp and good to have you with us on the news hour. why has there not been an improvement in the relationship between the two countries as had been hoped with the election of him? >> i think the election of new governments in pakistan has proven repeatedly that it has not effected the core policies of pakistan so this gives us an indication that the core policies are made elsewhere or at least the civilian governments have not as much control as we think they do. so that is why and if it's him or predecessors we have seen the same vicious circle we are in. >> in kobbel what is it thought that the pakistan policy toward afghanistan actually is? >> well, most analysts and most afghans who follow this, they don't form opinions based on rumors or based on hearsay. we just
a doubt is happening here in the states. >> you said famously after the 2012 election that republicans have to stop being, quote, the stupid party. you also say they have to stop being just aboutñrsys ei anti-obama. that is not enough. is that the problem with the g.o.p. here in washington? >> absolutely. i think you look at the dysfunction in washington, d.c., i think folks across the country -- republicans, independents, democrats -- are frustrated. we as a party can't just be a party of no. the only place you see conservative principles applied today are in state capitalsñr or local ther it'sts, u school choice, lowering the unemployment rate, growing the private sector, here in louisiana we're setting records for the number of people working. you're seeing that in 30 states across the country led by republican governors. we need to show voters conservative principles work. to see them working, you don't need to look farther than our state capitals. >> you have started something calledÑi america next to try to come up with an affirmatiwg conservative agenda for the nation's probl
of the world. with the election of his successor on hand, what lessons does bloomberg have to share with us? one of them, cities need rich people. he'll explain. >>> and the latest weapon against bad guys. it's not a newfangled drone or bunker buster bomb. it's simply brett me to. i'll explain. >>> first, revelations about the national security agency and spying on foreign allied leaders has been embarrassing for the obama administration at a time when it hardly needs more bad news. is it more than an embarrassment? should it raise alarms abroad and at home? at first glance this is a story that is less about ethics and more about power. the great power gap between the united states and other countries, even rich european ones. the most illuminating response came from the former foreign minister of france. he said in a radio interview, let's be honest. we eavesdrop, too. everyone is listening to everyone else. he went on to add, "we don't have the same means as the united states which makes us jealous." america spends tens of billions of dollars on intelligence collection. it's hard to get d
before appearance of opposition politician who is a candidate for prime minister in next year's election. it went off at the train station. no groups have admitted to the attack. georgia has finished voting for a new president. the ballots are still being counted. exit polls show a victory for -- and now sporting opponent -- an outspoken opponent of the outgoing leader. >> as it -- exit polls show the 44-year-old and ahead of 22 other candidates including the candidate of the countries -- country's outgoing president. he has come out to the media and confirmed his defeat and congratulated his rival. although, official results will only come out in two weeks. and technically it is being treated and is still remains. this bold is less about the country future but saying the by to the country's pass an outgoing president. his almost 10 year long presidency ends with this vote. how was his legacy? my report on that. the tractors of georgia's outgoing president. they follow mikhail everywhere to leave him and no doubt. he was the once popular leader of the rose revolution. the first revolutio
right before the election. what did the administration do? they took $8 billion as part of project demonstrations and put them in medicare advantage to just clog that hole so that that story didn't get out before the election. now all these seniors are losing their medical advantage, and medicare advantage, and the white house knew about it and lied on all three fronts. >> bob? you're scowling. do you have a report? >> there are's 311 million people in this country. less than 15 million may see their insurance changed. that have 10 million normally get it changed. for 20 years in a rote insurance company has increased fees before obama was even known. i'll shown you a little graph of insurance companies, what their stock was when obama took them on in 2007 and now what they are today, they are soaring. the insurance companies are making a fortune. >> wait. hold on. >> the profit margins are slim, bob, and you know it. >> it's now regulated under obama care. >> here's -- here's the other thing. you're comparing the stock price to what? >> there's no source on that graph either. >> r
a presidential election going on in afghanistan. signs of that when you were there? >> a lot of evidence of it actually. when i say evidence, a lot of about it.n not evidence. the signs, the answer is we didn't see visible signs. discussion about it and a lot of confidence that it is going to happen. what,heduled for april 10? >> i don't know the exact date but it is in april. the military there are pretty confident that they are going to be able to prevent the taliban from disrupting it. taliban goal would be to make it so that the afghan people don't have outcome?ce in the scout afterat does karzai do all that? go and establish a presidential library? >> no, he has got -- he is building a modest little apartment for himself. 10,000 or 20,000 square feet or whatever it is. on the grounds. that he will -- he is going to stick around. a> you think we will have genuine transition. there are how many candidates? >> 11 left or 10 was it? heard there were 10 out there. >> and do we -- >> i thought my staff would me.p ten, thank you, bill. >> and do we -- what do we happens post-karzai afghani
to deal with chemical weapons issue. iran, election of rouhani, opportunity for them to pursue diplomacy in a way they hadn't been able to for the entire obama presidency. the middle east peace process, remember, they did try with secretary clinton. it was a major priority in the president's first year. it went nowhere. the president was frustrated and and to sort of give up on it certainly for the period of time leading up to the election. when secretary kerry came in, he really threw himself into it. in this internal review from what i've been told, the thinking was the secretary is committed to it, thrown himself into it, we need to make it a priority as much for that reason as for its intrinsic importance. no one is doubting a peace agreement between israelis and palestinians would be significant but it's not clear to me that absent john kerry that would have been in that top tier of priorities. i think that was interesting. you raise another good point, just quickly, which is this idea it was, in fact, a group of six or seven people inside the west wing of the white house. although
virginia. >> the people will be able to judge whether they like it or not in the midterm election. >> the gop is gearing up. texas senator ted cruz spent the weekend hunting game and votes in iowa, home of the first presidential caucuses. >> we are seeing an administration that seems bent on violating every constitutional protection we have in the bill of rights. >> the sunday shows also featured republicans eyeing the white house and slamming obama care. >> symptomic of a liberal ideology. >> both sides are playing referendum across the country and planning presidential and congressional campaigns for the next three years. virginia's going to vote in the next seven days. >> thank you. republican candidate ken cuccinelli will be here. our guest will sit in with the panel and talk policy and ask him where the race stands and take questions from you. what will you ask the candidate? we use a question or two from you tonight. let me know on twitter. you can follow me at bret baier. up next, president obama apparently not in the loop as we mentioned. it's another big policy mess. we e
. do you talk to those folks? are you worried about it? >> i talk to my friends who are up for re-election next year often. i can tell you that they understand the importance of health care reform. they have supported it and embraced it. i believe that if they take the right message to the people of their respective states, they will have a resounding victory. the american people are not going to be fooled by the smear campaign. they're going to see through this an get ready to reelect a democrat senate. >> congressman g.k. butterfield, should so much. >> thank you. >>> i want to get to the other big story and that's the nsa spying. i'm sure you saw some of these reports that the nsa tracked 60 million calls per month. new reports showing the german chancellor angela merkel may have been targeted going all the way back to 2002. carl, are we alienating our allies? >> yes. but we've got to separate some things here. the question of why particular leaders like merkel were somehow targed rather than just part of a larger vacuum cleaning operation is inexplicable so far. we need to have some an
wants a care taker to oversee the general election due in january. >>> a u.s. study has found that serial rapists are responsible for nearly 9 out of 10 rapes on university campuses. researchers behind the reports said they met many men eager to brag about their crimes. chris bury reports on the incidents of rape. >> ooccidental campus in new york. >> i ended up walking back to his place with him. once we were there he rairpd me. >> this -- raped me. >> this woman now a junior says she was raped in mer first year -- her first year. her outrage grew after she learned the college disciplined the offender for his first offense. >> he wasn't suspended or expelled? >> no. >> three or four women coming forward and alleging that the same man has sexually assaulted or raped them. >> carolyn heldman has been teaching with occidental for four years. activists for sexual assault victims. >> i have been here at occi for four years. i have counseled women who were sexually assaulted, battered. >> the overwhelming rapes on college campuses have been committed by serial offenders. david trav
. this guy got elected and he got elected to change trade policy, to change the insane tax policy, to change the policy dealing with antitrust. for the past five years, what you people have been able to do whichus on this obamacare has very little to do with the ,verall economy versus the wars the insane trade policies or insane tax policies. all of this is a smokescreen. it is almost like weapons of mass destruction. if you're going to say here and the 15,000 when you have 20,000 on unemployment. 100 million people are living in poverty -- this is all this is. this is just politics to of peoples issue being critical of the president? we are at the point of this country where the whole thing is completely collapsed. after they at obama, had three years of borscht, the system needed the opposite. you people in the media created barack obama. and said of him coming in addressing the policies -- instead of him coming in addressing the policies, now you can talk about obamacare. i grew up in detroit. -- i wrotegreat book it. belt."g back the rust host: i think we got your point. scott, texas, re
of that document wrote ... given that some politicians convicted of corruption keep getting re-elected after they get out of prison can we trust the electoral pros process to we had o e weed the bad apple out. >> if you get convicted, you will probably get thrown out of office. >> they make come backs though. >> even before that there is 20 20 years of corruption they are caught. >> h he says they get weeded out. i did 20 years of investigation on. he was involved in scandals going back to his first days in office. he never got indicted or convicted. now your study tallied up federal public convictions during jurisdiction. ranking the top ten new york, california and texas and ohio and dc and louisiana and is there any factor these places have in common? >> ment on >> the woun one factor that we e been able to isolate is they had mitpolitical machines that weren power for a long period of time. >> and they had little election competition in most of their careers and most of the operation of the machine. so there for there is a greater deal, greater opportunity to take risk and get away with
, was unharmed. india will hold an election for the lower house after his term ends next may. he's the chief minister of the western state of gujarat and is popular among indian voters. he's also known as a hard-line hindu nationalist. >>> torrential rains has caused majored intoi major flooding in eastern and southern india. in the eastern state, heavy rain flooded rivers. local media reported that 15 people have been killed. a river overflowed its banks leaving 32 people dead. about 15,000 homes in the state were damaged and more than 72,000 people fled their homes. rain is expected to continue through monday. the indian government has deployed personnel for rescue work. troops have been airlifting relief supplies to isolated villages. eastern and southern coastal regions were struck by a powerful cyclone two weeks ago. 38 people died. >>> the way people get an education is changing radically. the internet has made the traditional classroom or lecture hall unnecessary. one nonprofit group is offering children in the developing world and elsewhere a chance to receive a first-rate education
on sunday for the election of that state policy next governor. -- that state's next governor. jesse is up next on the lines. caller: i think they should keep spying. average americans don't know how safe they are because of spying. on theme not spying they are definitely spying on us. the average american does not know how safe they are? caller: exactly. host: next from texas, a republican caller. what are your thoughts he e -- thought seattle caller: -- thoughts? caller: i don't have anything with spying. it should be else with the agency in congress about what they can and can't do. my main concern is because of the move toward more socialism and more control over people in and openmaintain roads bigger agendas, all of that information is going to be used at later times. buildings are being built to house an incredible amount of information. down the road, it is inconceivable this kind of thing that could be done. how many actual terror attacks are espionage. good information has been received as a result of this particular act. insidious kindn of encroachment. i don't want to sound lik
this is happening are you in the midst of an election for a new mayor. how do these proceedings play into election that's the interesting side part they are going to allow lech a new mayor an both say they should not be in bankruptcy. both should not say there should not be an emergency manager running, one candidate says if january if he takes office will go to the governor with his own restructuring plan and ask to be put in place and for them to remove the emergency manager. so you have different political situation that is brewing over on this side and it's going to be very interesting to see how a new mayor works with the governor and the emergency manager because the old one right now says he feels that he's been pushed aside-- aside and has no part in what is going on. >> brown: explain that for all of us on the outside because it is confusion. so when a new mayor comes in, will he or she have the power to-- derail the bankruptcy but can do what? >> he doesn't have the power to derail the bankruptcy but he says he wants to-- either one of them said they want to have more input in the proces
, but at least lindsey graham will be re-elected. >> this administration needs to be held accountable for benghazi a story of americans abandoned by their government at a time they needed their government the most. >> joining me now, david brock, founder of "media matters for america," and author of the newly released ebook called "the benghazi hoax." and david, take me through the almost tultemic resonance that benghazi and the deaths of those four americans in that american consulate that night has taken on among the right. >> well, sure. so, in this book, we outline 15 what we call hoaxes. and i think today, in your lead-in, we saw the 16th. you know, behind every bully is a coward, and lindsey graham made a big deal of making friends with hillary clinton earlier in his days in the senate. then he switched course on benghazi and basically accused her of having blood on his hands, and what changed there? why is he playing politics with national security is the primary challenge he has from the tea party. the tea party challenger referred to him as a community organizers for the musl
hours from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. >>> the upcoming november 6th november 6th election in san francisco could break a record for low voter turn out. the ballot will feature the 8 washington street proposal which would bring luxury condos to san francisco owe water front. it's the first referendum on the ballot in 20 years, and has attracted the most strident opinions on both sides. even though so, this is an add year election and many candidates on the ballot are running unopposed. next week, antioch residents will vote on a half cent sales tax hike to beef you have the police department. it's expected to raise $4.3 million annually. it would add 20 new police officers and at least double the current staff of 3 city code enforcement workers. the tax would automatically expire after 7 years. city leaders say it would pull the county out of its current financial crisis. >>> time is 7:40. oakland's emergency training event, it's ending this morning. for 48 straight hours, about 56,000 police, fire and medical personnel have been taking part in the event. they came from all around to practi
, this effort has been led by jeanne shaheen of new hampshire. she is up for re-election in 2014 and has to defend the law. here she is on cbs. >> the rollout has been a disaster so what i'm proposing we extend the period in which people can enroll so we can make sure we get as many people who want health insurance able to enroll and be i believe to be covered. >> reporter: and that is an important point that the white house keeps stressing which is that while there are these 10 senate democrats or so who are pushing for changes they're not trying to defund the law, they're not trying to dismantle the law as republicans have tried. said the democrats are pushing for changes the president may not want to make right now but they're trying to make the law better although you notice over the weekend, secretary sebelius there, was a character playing secretary sebelius on "saturday night live." once you received comedians and those kind of shows that suggests this is reaching some sort of critical mass around the country in people sort of laughing off the rollout, jenna. jenna: interesting po
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not to take anything for granted in next week's election. cnn's erin mcpike is on the scene for us covering this for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, this race is still relatively close, but mcauliffe does seem to have the edge. democrats want to hang on for just one more week so they're bringing out bill clinton to events like these that's about to start here in just about an hour so they can make a splash and in doing so, they hope to freeze out attention on ken cucinelli and his complaints about obama care. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to welcome back to virginia the 42nd president of the united states of america, bill clinton. >> reporter: he's back on the campaign trail. the former president is in the middle of a whirlwind four day tour of virginia to help one of his closest and most loyal friends, a man who stuck by him even at his darkest hours. >> just telling you things that i know about him that make my blood boil when i read these sort of cartoon characterizations of him. he is a very, very good man. >> reporter: democrat terry mcauliffe, former dnc chai
. it is the thing that certainly did make a comeback to kimberly in an election year. that is the kind of thing you summer as we approached them midterms in 2014. chris in alabama talks about the legislative date left in his home state. they have only so many days that they're going to be here. the bar has been raised since they got here. we have a budget conference any one of those moving this year would be huge. as the days pass by, there's less time to get anything done on these things. if anyone of those three things advances by the end of this year that is a huge win. host: here's james from chattanooga, republican line. caller: i'm from tennessee and i'd like to know if it would lower the egos that some of these people in congress if they could just sit down and do a small appropriations bill. that is what i would like to know. i am not sure it would affect egos. or aan appropriations bill basic bill they are supposed to pass every year. thehey thaw some of tensions that have been brewing. if they could accomplish something together, i think you would start to see people maybe trusting each o
legislation. presumably the free california folks -- three got to office in special elections. one of them lives in a district that is 50/50 republican, democrat. finally, john paris -- doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because he's super popular in his district. not entirely clear what reasoning is behind him. got something going on. >> do the lawmakers have gop support? . >> tim donnelly, this free california thing. a lot of lawmakers say "wait a minute. it has not escaped attention all people you are targeting are latinos." now california gops are trying to appeal to this demographic. a lot of lawmakers saying "wait a minute. we don't want you to spend our dollars attacking these democrats, because they're all latinos." . calling this move racist. >> the nra, though, almost seems to have unlimited power. >> like you to believe that. a lot of people shocked in colorado. they were able to make this recall happen. whether or not -- it's not helpful they're only targeting one ethnic group. if they have any sense at all, in two weeks they're going to try to aim at recalling, got to add more
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